Quota International with “Shattered Silence Week”

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 12:51

17 th of September until 22nd of September 2012

Quota International of Aruba continues with the celebration of its 25 Anniversary, and in addition to yearly seminar that will take place next Saturday 15th of September, this campaign of hearing awareness for our community, which is Quota’s known “Shattered Silence Week” is being held in the week of 17 th of September until 22nd of September 2012 .

Shatter Silence Week reflects on the big dark silence in which a person falls when they lose their hearing. With the loss of their hearing they lose total communication with the outside world. Your hearing is what determines your senses and a good communication with others. One of the main goals of Quota International of Aruba, is to bring awareness to our community and to emphasize the importance of taking care and protecting of your hearing.

This year, FEPO (Foundation for the Ones with Hearing Problems) and the S.V.B. San Nicolaas will cooperate with Quota International of Aruba to conduct the hearing tests in the week of “Shattered Silence Week”. During this week the community has the chance to test their hearing free of charge.

As a role model this year Quota International Aruba will honor The Youth Parliament of Aruba which is joining into the action of bringing the awareness to our community and focus on the importance of having the hearing tested. The Youth Parliament was chosen this year because the focus will be on our youth!

The slogan this year is; Young People, it’s your hearing, Take good care of it!

Quota International of Aruba is very satisfied that the project is getting popularity in our community and the members are happy to see that the work that Quota International of Aruba has been displaying for several years is bearing its fruits.

During the week of Shattered Silence Quota International of Aruba will:

Give the opportunity to the community of Aruba to do the hearing test completely free.

SVB San Nicolaas will be on Monday 17th of September until Friday 21st of September. From 9:00 am until 4:30 pm.

The tests at the Fepo at Eagle on Thursday the 20th and Friday the 21st of September. From 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 1:00 pm to 4.30 pm.

For an appointment please call during office hours telephone of Fepo: 583-1016 & SVB: 527-2708

Stella B. Montsanto

Service Director 2012-2013

Quota International of Aruba

Cell: 733-9704


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Q-Seminar 2011

Monday, 05 September 2011 15:16



Tuesday, 09 November 2010 14:17

Quota's “PICNIC DANSANT”  went with great energy ! 

All who wanted to contribute and make a donation for a great cause bought a ticket to the Quota's Annual Fundraising Event that was held at the Renaissance Conference Center where every one ate and danced on the tunes of Tsunami and Rincon Boys. It was a wonderful different Sunday. There were attractive prizes and an auction where many local wellknown artists and businesses donated their art, and articles to help raise funds for Quota that will go back into the community where it is needed.  

On the pictures some picture shots of this high energy activity at the Renaissance Seaport Conference Center in Aruba. 

Quota su “PICNIC DANSANT” tabatin hopi bon ambiente di diadomingo!

Tur cu kier a haci un donacion pa un bon causa a cumpra un carchi di Quota International of Aruba su fundraising y a pasa un diadomingo diferente y gezellig!E ritmonan di Tsunami y Rincon Boys a pone tur hende riba pista pa baila.E cuminda tabata un biaha mas sublime y e premionan tabata hopi atractivo. Varios artistanan y pintornan Arubano a haci un donacion den forma di un cuadro of obra di arte y e comerciantenan a duna nan producto y articulonan pa un bunita subasta. 

Riba e potretnan por mira e momentonan di bon ambiente cu a reina den Renaissance Seaport Conference Center na unda cu tur hende a aporta den e recaudacion di Quota International of Aruba.


Picnic Dansant

Thursday, 28 October 2010 15:29

E anja aki cuenta su evento maximo di recauda fondo lo tuma lugar diadomingo 7 di November di 11:00 am te 4:00 pm na Renaissance center y lo ta al estilo picnic. Hende muhernan por bisti carson estilo piscado, sombre hancho y cabayeronan por bisti Bermuda cu poloshirt of guayabera – estilo relax.  Entrada ta 125 florin y ta obtenibel na Maggy’s, Surprise, Giselle Boutique y serca tur miembro di Quota.

Lo sirbi un sabroso lunch crioyo, mientras e publico por deleitanan mes y baila riba tononan alegre di Rincon Boyzz y Tsunami.

Lo tin cantidad di door prize atractivo, incluyendo un ticket cu Tiara Air pa un di nan destinacionan, week-end stay na hotel, cena na restaurant pa dos persona, certificado di regalo, cellular, etc.

Tambe lo tin atrobe e ‘silent auction’, esta e subasta silencioso entre otro di piezanan di arte di artistanan local manera Grace Ashruf, Harold Bronswinkel, Efraim Britten, Yahaira Croes, Osyth Henriquez, botter di binja exclusive, gift set y posters specialmente autografiá pa e occasion aki door di nos orguyo Arubiano, Dr Edward Cheung, un di e ingenieronan principal di Nasa su Hubble telescope project y disenjador di nan ARUBA box cu a bai den espacio.

Manera custumber, tur fondo recauda lo wordu duna back na comunidad via e diferente organizacionan cu ta traha na bienester di esnan cu problema di oido of habla, hende muher y muchanan den dificultad y otro proyectonan y programanan di conscienticacion relaciona cu e gruponan aki.

Rina Gonzalez,   
Presidente 2010-2011  
Quota International of Aruba 

Mena Laclé,
President Comision di Recauda Fondo 2010
Quota International of Aruba




Successful Quota International District 42 Conference in Curacao!

Wednesday, 30 June 2010 00:00

Governor Annemieke Dijkhout can look back to a very successful Quota International District 42 Conference 2010. District Secretary Treasurer Mariela Navas made sure that all documents and financial statements were in place and presented a very good financial report where it showed that our Governor saved the district of some costs by trying to motivate presidents of the different clubs to use the internet and cyber technology more. That was exactly the theme of the conference: “Experience Technology” . Presidents and members of Quota Clubs from Holland, Suriname, Curacao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Aruba attended and learned more about how to apply modern technology to enhance our communications among each other.

Quotarians are very Happy to have had a very fruitful conference where every one left with a very uplifting mood and very motivated to continue to work for Quota. During this conference the installation of incoming Governor, Lt. Governor Willeke Bezeme took place, however she is expected to assume her duties until the 1st of may 2010.


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